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This Spells Catastrophe.
Beschreibung: The English language, more than most
has spelling rules that are just toast.
No matter how a word is written,
Pronunciation riddles Britain.

Let's take token and take spoken,
which look alike and actually rhyme
But as I will now be uncloakin'
you'll often have a harder time.

To start with, there are homophones
which look like strangers, sound like clones
like night and knight and niece and knees
and what's those silent K's there, Jeez!

No doubt, “about” does rhyme with out
in America as well with route
But foot and boot are different
So are Revere and reverend

Prequel, sequel, all with “e”
But equal has an “a”, you see.
Same as father but not mother,
month, moth, Monday, both and bother.

Hose but lose, like moose and ruse
tooth, truth, yuletide, youth, and use
Juice, jews, goose, Bruce, Betelgeuse
Fuel, few, fuse, bruise, interviews.

Dare but dairy, quit, quite, quiet
diary, diarrhea, dire, diet
soup, coupe, super and superb,
honey, hone, but honor, herb

Here, tear, sheer, frontier and beer
are not like hair, or tear or bare.
to share is care, the fare is fair
but how about air, heir and prayer?

London, bronze, convey but coney
Mahogany, but macaroni
Money, funny, gun, gone, one
tribute, tribal, ruin, rune, run

level, gravel, liable, libel
unravel, devil, holy bible
And since we once are at religion
What's the thing with words like pigeon?

Board, bored, sword, ward, warden, garden,
lace but necklace, nectar, pardon.
Splendid, panda, pencil, nine
significant and signal, signature, but sign

Never, weather, whether, seven,
fever, ever, eve, eleven.
And then, the special case of lever,
which rhymes with clever – and with beaver!

Road and load, and vote and wrote,
but also rode and mode and boat
Blue like true, not too or you
nor new, zoo, Zulu, two and queue.

Device, demise, official, office,
fence, defense, hands, vents and lettuce
Singer, ringer, finger, ginger,
angel, angle, anger, stranger

Believe and liver, alive, wife, live
But leave, saliva, slither, sieve
Texas, tax, sex, axe, and wrecks
mags, perplex, specs to the max.

Widow, suicide, consider, fined
children, child, pint, print, behind
Docklands, doctor, guild and pride
baroque, bloc, baron, guy and guide

tomb, comb, combat, to command
but, bomb, comment, expand, demand
to rate but ration, patio
and raider, radar, radio

Round, ground, sound, and found but wound
Prone, bone, shown, and town, frowned, tuned
Despite but pity, white, wide, witty
important, impotent, citation, city.

For, door, four, and whore and soar
But far, are, hard, art, heart and war.
Wales, whales, wagon, Walden, choir
access, excellent, occult, and squire

Debate and late, and eight, and private,
Pier, pear, peer, piranha, pirate
Wire, tyre, weird and tiered
Plymouth, plywood, herd, heard, beard.

Oars, off course, horse, worse and curse
University, unique, diverse.
Pork, New York but morgue and torque
Health and delve, shelf, elf and orc

Prince, price, Pisces, bell, morale
wall, ball, hall and tall, but shall
Do, does, doing, going, Boeing
sow and sowing, tower, towing

Limp and limb, but lamp, lamb, climb
island, aisle, time, paradigm
age, but vintage, mage and magic
trader, traitor, tray, train, tragic

Have, heave, haven, heaven, heathen
poor, pure, nature, breath, but breathin'.
Argyle, trial, denial, I'll
Vial, viola, vile, Carlisle.

Register, regain, and region
legal, legislate, legit, leg, legion
Waist and waste, and dazed, erased
measles, measure, paced, but raised

Rain, Rainier, reign, pain, insane
Vein, mundane, man, men, Wayne, Maine
It's prevalence, but to prevail
to shame, aim, Amy, Amish, ale

solstice, solace, solar, lunar
Cartoon and puny, looney, tuna
hostility, host, hospital
cost but ghost and coast, hotel

to pay, day, hey, and vertebrae
pan, pane, panic, niche, cliche
to demonstrate, demonstrable
and conscience, vengeance, tangible

Jim and gem and jam and gym
wolf, golf, Rudolph, women, swim
senior, sensible, sensation
multinational, but one nation

Coal, coke, code, go, govern, gothic
schedule, scholar, school, scholastic
Crutch, ridge, rifle, Greenwich, green,
engine, mine, design, machine

Second, minute, hour, aeon
Mean, meant, bean, but Caribbean
Austin, crawl, law, awe, and vault
woodruff, roof, move, hauled and salt.

Cherry, very, vary, berry
churches, birches, clergy, parry,
Erie, mere, ear, earth, astray,
glass, class, hassle, to portrait

Trust, test, guest, gust, Christmas, trestle
mistletoe and wrestle, vessel
Lawn and laundry, mill, until
Seize, siege, Caesar, chlorophyl

trouble, rubble, rubber, ruble
cubic, cue, coup, double, double
Phoenix, people, feeble, Saturn,
Satan, rat, red, said, paid, pattern

fat, wet, ate, matte, cigarette
indict, internal, internet
dynasty, reap, deep and diesel
dynamic, wyvern, viking, weasel

To celebrate, to calibrate
just wait, a straight, braid, freight and weight
To sigh, to buy, pi, why, my eye
I try, I cry, I die, bye bye.
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